Empowering women

When I look at the tremendous progress in the last few decades to raise the issue of gender diversity in our work place, in our societies, I feel grateful for the women who took up that cause and fought courageously to raise the visibility and impact of women internationally. As I look back, I realize that the focus has been on numbers: more women in position of power, more women in decision-making circles, more women in the armed forces, more gender advisers in the work force. It originally aimed at equal rights, equal capacity, equal strength.

Today, there is still a lot to be done in ensuring equality and tracking numbers. That work needs to go on. However, beyond numbers and equality lies the issue of quality and specificity. Isn’t it time for gender diversity 2.0?

A woman may not need to step into an assertive role to feel effective and become successful. She does not need to compete with men and become more of a “man” then men themselves to be recognized as equal. No, she needs to be in integrity with her own insights, her own feminine power, to truly demonstrate the depth of her strength, and equally contribute to the world.

It is not necessarily an issue of men and women, as it has more to do with listening to our inner wisdom, our compassionate side. Tapping into energy and ensuring that we connect with this part of ourselves will unleash unlimited strength available to us all as a society.

Women may have an easier time tapping into their intuition openly and relying solely on their inner wisdom or to have the courage to look at a situation with compassion and love. It is not necessarily the case, though. The point is that this is a source of true power that women have a responsibility to exercise and integrate into our daily world place and decision-making circles, as a source of power that will open up the world to creative ideas and inspiration.

This is a world where people will seek to empower themselves and those around them, rather than influence others through their own views and decisions. This is a world where feminine power will have found its place in its own right.

A New Year

As we start a new year, whatever may be our religious or cultural beliefs, we are looking for new ideas, guidance, new clothes. We often look outside to gain new insights, to find what we are waiting for.

As I am looking at 2018, I am contemplating the thought that I may not have to seek in order to find. I may have had all along what I really need, and it may be more of a case of “what I need” to be revealed to me rather than seeking it. The freedom and joy to realize that I already have what I need; that all is exactly as it should be; and that the trust that there is more than enough for us all in this Universe has opened myself up to the realization that I am what I have been waiting for.

So should you be hoping for a new path, wishing for some guidance or coaching, remember that the answer is within. Make a place for the change you are hoping for and consider that you may just be the change you are calling for. Should this be the type of coaching you feel drawn to, stay tuned. You are clearly attracting it.