A New Year

As we start a new year, whatever may be our religious or cultural beliefs, we are looking for new ideas, guidance, new clothes. We often look outside to gain new insights, to find what we are waiting for.

As I am looking at 2018, I am contemplating the thought that I may not have to seek in order to find. I may have had all along what I really need, and it may be more of a case of “what I need” to be revealed to me rather than seeking it. The freedom and joy to realize that I already have what I need; that all is exactly as it should be; and that the trust that there is more than enough for us all in this Universe has opened myself up to the realization that I am what I have been waiting for.

So should you be hoping for a new path, wishing for some guidance or coaching, remember that the answer is within. Make a place for the change you are hoping for and consider that you may just be the change you are calling for. Should this be the type of coaching you feel drawn to, stay tuned. You are clearly attracting it.

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