Celebrating the value of feminine power in the world today

The world needs the qualities of the Feminine today more than ever. Of course, we all recognize in world affairs that we have to contribute and learn from one another regardless of gender. However, the nurturing, the receptivity, the affection, the cooperation, the radiance, the gentleness, patience, love and sharing are among the attributes women can naturally offer that men may not so easily contribute to the work place. In fact, women have learned to adopt more masculine attributes to succeed at work, from planning to achieving goals, from being efficient to being accountable. Those are the predominant ways to be successful in today’s world affairs like in many fields, and women have rivalled with men. Yet, the world no longer needs to get more, to expand, to succeed. It needs caring!

This is no longer a world to have – for the “have” and the “have not” alike. This is a world to be, to stand for. This is a world where the qualities required to make a difference cannot be learned nor acquired. We are or we are not what the world desperately needs.

Women may have to reach out for what is fundamentally theirs, rather than to rely on their learned skills to make a difference. They may have to “unlearn” or at least take a distance from what they acquired to rediscover what they are at essence. In this quest, women can only learn from another women. There was a time where women stood together in a bond of sisterhood, but this is no longer a world where women need to support each other in search for their place in the world, for freedom and equality. This is the time where their leadership in becoming what they want to see in the world will benefit the planet regardless of gender. Only women can show the way in ensuring that their attributes become the dominant leadership style, not just for other women but for the world at large.

This is not to say that planning and achieving goals, efficiency and accountability will no longer matter. There will always be a place and a time for them. The point is that the type of leadership required to save this planet is of a different order. Similarly, nothing prevents men from being nurturing, receptive, cooperative, gentle, patient in the work place, but women have a particular responsibility in leading the way for their attributes to prevail and embrace the world. Our planet is in dire need of the Feminine creative power. It requires women to be true to themselves.

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