Executive Coaching

Are you wondering where are the Gandhis and the Churchills of our times? Are you wondering how to make a contribution to your environment and make the world a better place? Are you contemplating questions bigger than yourself, and trying to find your purpose in today’s environment?

Are you willing to self-select as a leader, consciously choosing to be a model inspiring others, and take 100 percent responsibility, because no one will decide for you, and no one will designate you. This is your quest.

If that is the case, then the executive coaching I offer is for you.

My approach to executive coaching aims at inspiring leaders and their executive management to make behavioral changes, which transform themselves, first and foremost, so as to inspire and empower others around them to embrace their highest potential.

It is a one-on-one, mutually-designed and supportive relationship between a professional coach and a client in a position, or aspiring to a position of leadership for the benefit of a larger community.

Are you a vision-builder with a strong desire to impact people’s ability to perform? Do people come to you for advice or for decisions?

Consulting will only provide you with the information you need, and offer a process and action-oriented path, showing you the way towards greater organizational performance and development. Many business coaches can help you through this process.

The executive coaching I offer is about inspiration, enabling yourself to grow into your full potential as a human being, and live your dreams for the benefit of all around you, inspiring your community. It fosters self-awareness ushering transformation. It is about mastering the courage to go where others have not. It is pioneer work. It is a calling.