Feminine power

The world has much to learn from feminine power. Strong women in leadership positions have often borrowed from the masculine world from a place of firm determination and will to succeed, from their intelligence and organized plan to exercise power. Yet what makes a woman powerful lies in her ability to listen to her true self and call upon her feminine wisdom. Women do not need to step into assertive roles, organize, plan to be effective. They need to remain in touch with their inner realm, their insights and their sense of compassion to be truly powerful.

Men like women need to resort to their feminine side – their intuition – and cultivate their inner world. This type of energy is often overlooked and it will not be easy to overcome the world’s bias for the intellect. The future of human kind and the fate of the world depends on our ability to tap into our inner guidance, listen to the needs around us, view the world with compassion, and look for ways to reach out and build on what unites us rather than insist on our differences. What separates us will kill us.

Once we learn and allow ourselves to integrate this source of leadership into our decision-making, the world will become more open to new ideas. It will tap into a new source of energy that will empower humans to overcome our global challenges.


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