Life passes us by and the world suffers

As we rush through life, possibly enjoying the pace for a while, we are driven to exhaustion without any sense of our own responsibility in this pace, becoming the passenger rather than the driver of our own destiny. We have lost the ability to step back and reflect, to look at the big picture or do a small spontaneous thing off track. We are caught in this runaway train in the direction shaped by society, too scared to escape the mad pace and destroyed scenery, forgetting that in our precious life we were given the wheel and the inner GPS to navigate. Let us take a good look at the world and see ourselves.

The way to start is by slowing down, getting off the road and catching our breath. Let us remember who we truly are and the world we want. Do we truly have no time to make a difference? Are we so helpless to change the world? How much time does it take to give a smile and bring joy around? We can be of service without having to dedicate our lives to good causes and world peace. Let us commit to joy, if not for the world at least to ourselves. The warmth we are bound to feel will spread.

Negativity is generated by widespread suffering, pain, and selfishness. By refusing to see our own contribution – direct or indirect – we rob ourselves of the possibility of counteracting the pace at which we self-destruct through mere thinking if not acting altruistically. Meet your own breakdowns with the joy the world needs and retake your own power to make a difference in your life and in the world.

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