Our path to the world

At a time when our institutions are under severe stress, paralyzed by internal sclerosis and unable to adjust to a fragmenting world, answers lie within. We often search for our roadmap in guides and GPS, relying on external sources for guidance and information. The future belongs to those who have discovered their inner GPS and can trust it at all times, in all circumstances.

What kind of world traveller are you? Are you the type to research your trip through maps and travelogues, seeking information to get inspiration? Or are you the type to just take off, trusting that you will find inspiration on the road, and relying on your instincts?

The roads we are to travel in today’s world have not been paved. They will not appear in the maps and guides, which have been developed by others for other times. The only true expert on your path is you. Does that mean that you have to travel alone? Absolutely not!

Fellow travellers are key to humanity’s wellbeing. We are not meant to live our experiences alone. We need to congregate; we need to belong; we have to serve a community of likeminded individuals. When you find yourself travelling alone, consider joining a group of travellers or founding your own, sharing similar interests, ideals, or purpose. This is your support team to inspire you on the road.

In groups through resonance you will find the way. Give the group time and space to evolve in a natural rhythm of its own. Let it grow without influencing and shaping, but rather listening and feeling the rhythm – its own heart and soul. This circle will develop into a source of great strength, endurance, and will nurture each and every one through connecting to a sense of community and finding its place into the world

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