Recognizing greatness

Many consider international relations beyond our ability to influence, trusting our responsibility onto others, and thereby avoiding decisions that yet come with the responsibility inherent to our human nature. It may sound like hard work to some, but in reality we have the universe inside us pushing towards greater causes than ourselves and paving the way to greatness. From the early memories of our childhood, just looking at the sky, we know that we are part of something greater than ourselves.

We are all able to recognize greatness in others, from the heroes that land planes crashing to those making discoveries for the wellness of humanity. However, greatness belongs to us all. We could not see it in others if it did not also sit within ourselves. Great things happen because others recognize and celebrate them. We accomplish nothing alone in this world.

Greatness relies on the connectivity of our world. In activating greatness within you, it lights up others around you and catches fire. The display of greatness relies on others to move it forward. It is our collective responsibility that greatness does not remain stillborn. It is incumbent upon us all to stir, awaken, when we feel it, recognizing it inside us.

In fact, connectivity means that by responding to someone else’s greatness, we actually feed our own. The greatness we witness in others belongs to all of us, the same way as our own greatness belongs to others. We cannot act out of greatness without befitting the good of all. It only takes a match – awareness – to light up and create a chain reaction touching us all. The biggest risk lies with indifference – our individual and collective indifference for the fate of each and every one of us, and our world.

Greatness is the best humanity has to offer. It inspires the courage that is required for what has not yet been done. Indeed, when you serve a greater cause, there is little room for fear and doubt because the universe will take over and organize around your success, even if it does not always look that way. The intent alone will create the power and the ability to influence thereby generating change in the world.

Greatness starts in the eyes of the beholder. It starts with the commitment to shine like a beacon from a lighthouse. Let us radiate when we look at our world and think positively to chase the clouds. It is our responsibility to shine even through darkness in our own lives. Uplifting others in a state of gloom, about the state of our world and our environment, will lend our energy to keep the lighthouse shining from afar, and make the world a better place.

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