About Isabelle

Over the course of her career, Isabelle Francois has traveled to some fifty countries, and lived in Paris, Brussels, Montreal, Moscow, Ottawa, Washington; moved thirty times at least, studied on two continents and learned seven languages – enough to get into lots of trouble but not always enough to get out of it. She has always embraced new cultures and reached out to people to try understand what made them tick, building bridges to connect them, overcoming the toughest obstacles, such as being kicked out of Russia, to eventually be welcomed back.

Isabelle is currently working for an international organization, but she has served in government, in non-governmental organizations, as well as in academia and think-tanks. She has volunteered in various nonprofit organizations, and also worked as a consultant to provide policy advice. She led many international teams, developing and realizing various projects bringing people together, and fundraising for causes she felt strongly about.

Isabelle has authored over fifty articles and other publications, and has given many interviews to the press. She got her Ph.D. from Carleton University, and always kept a special place for Canada in her heart, even if she feels more at home in the world. She has a son who taught her more than she has ever learned from books, and who followed her throughout her travels (thank you) until he felt the need to settle and decide for himself where was home.